FCF framework download page

Source code in the Mercurial repository on OSDN: https://osdn.net/projects/fcf/scm/hg/fcf

The framework build works on Windows(X86), Linux(x86_64) and MacOS(x86_64) systems. For other systems, you must build the fcfserver yourself.

The framework has no installers yet, so check out its installation at "Installing the FCF framework"


Windows & Linux:FCFFramework.WindowsX86.LinuxX86_64.1.1.56.zip Downloads: 18

MacOS:FCFFramework.MacOS.x86_64.1.1.56.zip Downloads: 11

Version: 1.1.56 Date: 2022-08-09 16:34

Renamed fcf.argUrl function to fcf.argURL

For the fcfJodit package: use an arbitrary parameter name in the @controls:jodit template argument

Fix fcf.NClient.Wrapper.reload method

Windows & Linux:FCFFramework.WindowsX86.LinuxX86_64.1.1.55.zip Downloads: 9

MacOS:FCFFramework.MacOS.x86_64.1.1.55.zip Downloads: 11

Version: 1.1.55 Date: 2022-08-01 13:07

Added fcfJodit module that provides @controls:jodit control

Added fcfBackup module that backs up databases and files

Added a static template option that blocks updating the DOM of the template tree.

Extended fcf.id() function, added a_unsafeFirstChar argument

Extended fcf.NClient.Wrapper.update() function, added a_updateStatic argument

Added a_options argument to attach method

Added safe mode for fcf.application.getTheme() method

Added node_modules route for file access

Added limit to the maximum size of the dialog width.

Updated fcf.buildView() logic.

Added defaultArgs configuration parameter that sets the default template arguments.


Fix script tag execution in template body

textarea fix

Correction of markup calculation in fcf.getRect()

Fixed re-loading of files in the fcf.include() function;

Fix for simplified compression of JS files. Added analysis of regular burnouts.

Minor fixes to template styles.

Windows & Linux:FCFFramework.WindowsX86.LinuxX86_64.1.1.54.zip Downloads: 0

MacOS:FCFFramework.MacOS.x86_64.1.1.54.zip Downloads: 0

Version: 1.1.54 Date: 2022-07-24 05:44

Added #{{}}# output runtime construct to template renderer

Added options for launching NODEJS processes using fcfserver "defaultOptions", "defaultNodeOptions", "options" in the server.json configuration file

Windows & Linux:FCFFramework.WindowsX86.LinuxX86_64.1.1.53-a2.zip Downloads: 1

MacOS:FCFFramework.MacOS.x86_64.1.1.53-a2.zip Downloads: 0

Version: 1.1.53-a2 Date: 2022-07-11 18:47

Added "validation" template argument parameter.

Windows & Linux:FCFFramework.WindowsX86.LinuxX86_64.1.1.52-a1.zip Downloads: 14

MacOS:FCFFramework.MacOS.x86_64.1.1.52-a1.zip Downloads: 14

Version: 1.1.52 Date: 2022-07-04 20:42

Fixed merge mode

Windows & Linux:FCFFramework.WindowsX86.LinuxX86_64.1.1.51.zip Downloads: 13

MacOS:FCFFramework.MacOS.x86_64.1.1.51.zip Downloads: 12

Version: 1.1.51 Date: 2022-07-03 13:47

Added taskInfo to render execution code

Windows & Linux:FCFFramework.WindowsX86.LinuxX86_64.1.1.50.zip Downloads: 9

MacOS:FCFFramework.MacOS.x86_64.1.1.50.zip Downloads: 10

Version: 1.1.50 Date: 2022-07-03 04:49

Added files folder to project template

Windows & Linux:FCFFramework.WindowsX86.LinuxX86_64.1.1.49.zip Downloads: 12

MacOS:FCFFramework.MacOS.x86_64.1.1.49.zip Downloads: 12

Version: 1.1.49 Date: 2022-06-26 02:52

Fixed merge activation mode for templates

Windows & Linux:FCFFramework.WindowsX86.LinuxX86_64.1.1.48.zip Downloads: 14

MacOS:FCFFramework.MacOS.x86_64.1.1.48.zip Downloads: 11

Version: 1.1.48 Date: 2022-06-23 10:37

Fixed hook name hooksProgramableArgument to hooksProgrammableArgument

Windows & Linux:FCFFramework.WindowsX86.LinuxX86_64.1.1.47.zip Downloads: 11

MacOS:FCFFramework.MacOS.x86_64.1.1.47.zip Downloads: 11

Version: 1.1.47 Date: 2022-06-22 05:26

Fixed processing dom events

Fix rendering on server