Full Stack Javascript Framework
  • FCF

    OpenSource is a full stack development framework designed to simplify the development of WEB projects of various complexity levels.

    It is based on unique technologies that open up new opportunities in development approaches with NODEJS.

    Open a new look at the methodology of building WEB applications!


  • Templates

    The FCF template engine is a comprehensive system for rendering and calculating parameters, both on the server side and on the client side.

    There is support for a server-side command handler, which eliminates the need to use the REST API.

    Multiple types of template argument assignment add flexibility in building a full-fledged, complexly linked application

  • FSQL

    The built-in FSQL query language for relational data allows unloading complex-linked tables in one query without using a JOIN.

    Provides a built-in data access control mechanism.

    Allows to form autogenerators of forms.

FCF - Javascript framework with unique and flexible architecture

The site is in filling mode, the development of the framework itself is also underway. Translated into English by automated means!

FCF - Full Stack Javascript Framework with a unique and flexible architecture, based on unique technologies that open up new possibilities in approaches to development with NODEJS. This framework was developed for a long time, as an experimental one and does not yet contain everything planned, but at the moment it is already capable of implementing practical tasks. The framework provides unique functionality for development: Built-in multiprocessing. NODEJS used memory control, which completely eliminates the problem of memory leaks A proprietary dynamic web template architecture that provides the ability to work with template arguments on both the server and client sides. The project includes a built-in CRON system that allows you to write handlers in pure JavaScript. An advanced query language for the fsql database that provides access control, centralized pre- and post-processing of queries, and inherits or joins multiple tables into a single entity. The architecture of the project allows you to create fully single page applications. The project also includes many unique approaches to building a web application. Latest news about project Special thanks to companies and projects thanks to which the project is available and develops Supported OS Technologies used