Latest news of project
After a long time, a second example of working with templates in the FCF framework was added to the site. During this period, the framework has developed significantly and the documentation and examples do not yet cover all its capabilities, but over time, I think everything will be done. An example is available here: /examples/fcf-example-movin...
2022-08-09 20:19
Added a plugin that simplifies the development of FCF applications for the Atom editor. The plugin is similar to plugins for other editors and performs file generation for easier application development. You can download the plugin from the link
2022-07-08 13:36
The first example is now available, demonstrating the work of templates in the FCF framework and its detailed description. This example shows the beauty and conciseness of organizing templates. Example: /examples/fcf-example-planet Description: /stepbystep/applications/first-introduction
2021-09-21 02:21
Starting from version 1.1.43, the framework has added the functionality of merging the DOM tree when updating the template, which allows not to recreate existing elements, but simply to update them. The merge template option is responsible for this functionality. //~OPTIONS { // Basic inheritance template // Default: undefined // extends:"...
2021-09-17 22:45
FCF now supports new operating system - MacOS! However, due to lack of funds, the project does not have a digital signature for the application, so the installation for this system was still manual: "Installation FCF framework for MacOS" Of course, there is still a lot of work with the framework. But he is already slowly moving into the stage ...
2021-09-12 13:30