Template tabs.tmpl


Alias: @controls:tabs Description: Tab container Template arguments:
object|array items - An array or object containing information about the contents of the tabs. The index or name of the element contained in items is the key/name of the tab.

items should store objects with information about the contents of the tabs and have the following fields:

  • string title - Tab title
  • string content - Displayed content
Default value: []
bool reload - This option is used when rendering the template of the items element nested in the content field using the fcf.argTmpl() argument. If true, then when switching tabs, the nested template is rendered in the content field; in this mode, only one tab is rendered to display the fcfControls:templates/tabs.tmpl template. If set to false, it simply hides the element and shows a new one, rendering all tabs to display fcfControls:templates/tabs.tmpl . Default value: false mixed tab - Key/name of active tab Default value: fcf.argVal("@{{fcf.firstKey(args.items)}}@")