Example fcf-example-planet



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The first application and introduction to the templates


An introductory example of using templates in the FCF framework. This example introduces the basics of template design and the use of arguments. Requirements

For the example, a version of the FCF framework is required at least 1.1.48

Start-up instruction

  1. Install FCF framework (https://fcf-framework.tk/download/fcf/install)
  2. Go to the example directory $ cd [PROJECT]
  3. Initialize the sample database $ fcfmngr create-db ./fcf-example-planet.js $ mysql -u [USER] -p fcf-example-planet < dbdump.sql

    If access to the mysql user is performed only from the system superuser, you need to use sudo when invoking the fcfmngr command

  4. And run $ fcfserver server.json
  5. Wait until all modules and packages are installed. When everything is ready, the terminal will display an inscription: Listening started with port 8080 Listening started :: with port 8080
  6. Open your browser at localhost:8080