Package configuration parameters
fcfSimpleAuthorization_enableLoginByEmail - Allowing authentication by e-mail Type: bool Default: true fcfSimpleAuthorization_enableRegistration - Permission to register users Type: bool Default: true fcfSimpleAuthorization_lifetimeLoginByEmailTemplate - The lifetime of the registered record without confirmation by e-mail Type: int/hour Default: 24 fcfSimpleAuthorization_loginByEmailTemplate - Contains the path to the email authentication message template Type: string Default: "fcfSimpleAuthorization:email_templates/login_by_email.tmpl" fcfSimpleAuthorization_registrationCompleteTemplate - The template that is displayed when you go to the registration confirmation page Type: string Default: "fcfSimpleAuthorization:page_templates/registration-confirmation.tmpl" fcfSimpleAuthorization_registrationEmailTemplate - Contains the path to the template of the user registration confirmation email. Which is sent to the specified e-mail and contains a registration confirmation token Type: string Default: "fcfSimpleAuthorization:email_templates/registration.tmpl"