Classes Namespace fcf
Actions - Object for performing asynchronous actions. Implements the tasks of the Promise object, but does not break the execution task, saves the request context on the server side, and uses an extended set of methods. Arg - [Abstract class] Describes the content of the template argument. Created by the functions fcf.argVal(), fcf.argProg() and others. Context - Information about the session context. RouteInfo - Contains information about the request route
Namespace fcf.Actions
Act - [Abstract class] Internal object of the class fcf.Actions, used to terminate the asynchronous handler
Namespace fcf.NClient
Application - [Client only] Singleton of the application object on the client, accessible through the fcf.application object Wrapper - [Client only] Template wrapper class on client
Namespace fcf.NRender
TaskInfo - Object with information about the assembly of the template. It is passed to the template hooks. Template - Template rendering result object
Namespace fcf.NRender.NDetails
TemplateRender - [Abstract class] The render class used inside the template as a render variable.
Namespace fcf.NServer
Application - A singleton of the application object on the server, accessible through the fcf.application object