Function require fcf.Actions->[...modules] require([string] a_modules, function a_cb = undefined) [Asynchronous method] Loads JS modules declared via the fcf.module() method Source file fcf:fcf.js Namespace fcf Arguments: [string] a_modules - Array of loadable modules function a_cb - Callback that contains the loaded modules data as parameters Return value: fcf.Actions->[...modules] Returns an array of requested modules in a fcf.Actions object Examples Example 1 let [application, cache] = await fcf.require(["fcf:NServer/Application.js", "fcf:NSystem/cache.js"]); Example 2 fcf.require(["fcf:NServer/Application.js", "fcf:NSystem/cache.js"]) .then((application, cache)=>{ ... }) Example 3 fcf.require( ["fcf:NServer/Application.js", "fcf:NSystem/cache.js"], (application, cache)=>{ ... } );