Function argURL fcf.Arg argURL(string a_name, object a_options = undefined) [Since 1.1.56] Returns an object with information about the argument. Changing the value of the template argument on the client also leads to a change in the address bar. Source file fcf:fcf.js Namespace fcf Arguments: string a_name - Name of the request URL argument object a_options - Object of additional template options:
  • array[string] default - default value if the URL parameter is not specified
  • array[string] hardDependencies - an array of template argument names on which the assembly of the declared argument depends. Overloading the argument does not remove this dependency and it is relevant when using hooks
Return value: fcf.Arg Examples Example 1 An example of a request to the address /template?value=1 to the template shown below. //~ARGUMENTS { value: fcf.argURL("value") } //~TEMPLATE value: @{{args.value}}@ Result: value: 1