Project file structure

The application framework is created. Let's analyze the purpose of the project files and folders.

File tree
  • cache - The directory of cached files. Here the processed JS files are stored for quick output to the browser
  • files - Directory for files available to a client
  • log - Directory of logs of the fcfserver application and NODEJS processes
  • node_modules - NODEJS module directory
  • projections - Projection file directory
  • templates - The directory where the application template files are stored

    • css - Styles directory
    • files - Directory for files available to the client
    • pages - Directory of page templates

      • main-temlate.tmpl - Home page template, inherited from :templates/super/page.tmpl
    • super - Directory of basic templates from which application pages are inherited

      • page.tmpl - Basic page template
      • page.wrapper.js - Basic template wrapper (JavaScript template handler on the browser side)
  • translations - Directory of translation files

    • .stub - An empty stub file that allows you to save an empty directory in version control systems
  • __fcfproject - A file used internally to identify the root of the project
  • fcf-example-planet.js - The main file of the NODEJS application. Has a name equal to the project name
  • server.json - The fcfserver configuration file. This file defines the startup settings and network settings
  • settings.config - WEB application configuration file