Rules for describing file paths

Before we start looking at the structure of the template, we need to familiarize ourselves with the basic concepts of the framework - these are rules for describing paths to a file and JS modules.

The framework uses its own rule for specifying paths, which is interpreted in the same way, both on the server side and on the browser side. The scheme is very simple and looks like this:



PACKAGE_NAME - the name of the package in which the file or resource is located. If the path refers to the root of the application, then the PACKAGE_NAME parameter is not specified, and the first symbol may be : or not at all.

RELATIVE_PATH - the relative path from the root of the package or application.

Also, an address alias can be used as a path to a resource. Aliases always start with the @ symbol and are declared or can be overridden in the "aliases" configuration parameter in the application or package configuration.

To get the real path to a file or resource, use the fcf.getPath() function