Request URL Parameter Arguments

There is another type of arguments in the framework templates that are created by the function fcf.argURL(). This type template arguments binds parameter Request URL with argument. When it changes request argument is being modified the URL address parameter, and when specifying the URL parameter is set to a value argument.

Applicable given type of arguments in our application. If you pay attention when you click on the "Reload" or "Refresh" buttons the current tab is reset, because all templates are returned to initial state, but to prevent this from happening, just set the template argument "tab" for template @controls:tabs using function fcf.argURL().

File :templates/blocks/moving-containers.tmpl:

... //~TEMPLATE <div class="moving-containers-view" style="background-image: url(@{{args._file}}@);"> <div class="moving-containers-view-info"> Rebound counter: <span name="rebound_counter">#{{args._reboundCounter}}#</span> </div> %{{ for(let i = 0; i < args._strings.length; ++i) { }}% @{{ render.template( "+view-item", { string: fcf.argRef(`_strings[${i}]`), fcfEventRebound: "parent.setArg('_reboundCounter', parent.getArg('_reboundCounter')+1)" })}}@ %{{ } }}% </div> <fieldset> <legend>Editor</legend> @{{ render.template("@controls:tabs", { tab: fcf.argURL("tab", {default: "strings"}), items: fcf.argVal({ strings: { title: "Strings", content: fcf.argTmpl("+strings", {strings: fcf.argRef("_strings")}) }, settings: { title: "Settings", content: fcf.argTmpl("+settings") } }) }); }}@ </fieldset> @{{ render.template("@controls:button", {title: fcf.t("Save"), enable: fcf.argRef("_modify"), fcfEventClick: "parent.onSave()"}); }}@ @{{ render.template("@controls:button", {title: fcf.t("Reload"), enable: fcf.argRef("_modify"), fcfEventClick: "parent.reload()"}); }}@ @{{ render.template("@controls:button", {title: fcf.t("Refresh"), enable: fcf.argRef("_modify"), fcfEventClick: "parent.refresh()"}); }}@ ...

And check the result.

And so, our application is ready. The complete application code can be downloaded from the example page /examples/fcf-example-moving-containers